Feed the World.  Fuel the World.  Reverse Climate Change.

OceanForesters presents a comprehensive approach to feed the world and fuel the world while reversing climate change, restoring ocean biodiversity, reducing ocean acidification, and meeting many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


To remove all excess CO2 and replace fossil fuels with clean biofuels would require seaweed forests covering about 5% of the earth’s oceans (which would produce more seafood than the entire world can eat). This diagram shows the approach with full-scale global numbers. Our peer-reviewed scientific paper shows it could restore normal conditions in less than 80 years:

Negative carbon via Ocean Afforestation.” N'Yeurt, A.de R., Chynoweth, D.P., Capron, M.E., Stewart, J.R., Hasan, M.A., 2012. Process Safety and Environment Protection, Vol. 90, p. 467-474.