Abundant Seafood plus Ecosystem Restoration
via Restorative Aquaculture Systems

via Advanced Aquaculture Applied Research

by marine and water resource engineers, scientists, and financial consultants,
working with people with knowledge of their local ocean.
The Ocean is the Key to
Solving the World's Biggest Challenges:
Food Security, Clean Energy, Healthy Oceans
Water Pollution, Climate Change


OceanForesters designs floating reefs integrating shellfish, finfish and seaweed that eventually will feed billions of people, provide millions of jobs, and reverse climate change.

The reefs remediate ocean pollution, produce abundant shellfish and finfish, put local fishers back to work, and increase ocean biodiversity through natural nutrient recycling.

The local people with knowledge of their coastal ocean tune ocean forestry concepts for local conditions including: the native species, ocean currents, materials, construction techniques, and their culture.  OceanForesters trains and coaches the local community to design, build, and operate more ocean forest ecosystems. At full scale, as shown to the left, the system can feed the world, replace all fossil fuels, sequester carbon, and reverse climate change by 2100. It can also utilize pasteurized human waste, reducing pressure on land waste disposal systems.


We are a team of humanitarians and environmentalists first and foremost, seeking to enable responsible use of the global ocean resource in addressing the critical needs of humanity for food, energy, health and safety with large scale climate change reversal.

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We are working with people around the world to deploy ocean forests and aquaculture solutions at commercial scale.  Some of the organizations we are working with include these:

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